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Here are the stories that I have... Hope you enjoy reading them... ^^ 

I'll post my old stories first so I'm suppose to be not timid about that... Oh well...

Careless, Painless and Voiceless

  This story is a fan fiction. I made this story before for my friend. The story revolves around three girls and the Gundam Wing boys.

Haruka, Shinjin and Karrie are orphans, they consider each other sisters. One day, Karrie was abducted by the Teddy Bear Corps for some unknown reason. With the help of Haruka's friend, Nanashi (a.k.a Trowa Barton), she tries to rescue her. While Haruka was out to rescue Karrie, Shinjin is in danger of being kidnap by the same persons who kidnap Karrie. Will they be able to save Karrie? Will they find their real family? What will happen to them?

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and mobile suits of Gundam Wing.


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Playing Match

Jasmin loves to play matchmaker in school then she decided to match his brother, Michael and her best friend, Lisa with the help of Michael’s best friend,Kevin.

Will her plan work or fail?



I have three series of this story.

Biffantte is a pure-blood vampire who travelled to city of humans to find a companion. She be friended two humans, Victoria and Violet. They both knew she is a vampire. Because of the rules that if a human knew who you are, you must kill or make them a vampire. What will happen if the vampire community finds out their little secret? 

Biffantte: Existence


A collection of journals from Biffantte, Violet and Victoria about Biffantte's experiences in the city of humans.


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