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Job Interview 101

Posted by Haruka Flare Akizuki on August 13, 2010 at 8:35 AM

It's hard to find a job these days. As for me, I've been looking for a job for a month now and there's no luck, especially in interviews. Initial interviews make my head aches. I usually fail during those interviews. I realized that I'm doing something unacceptable.

Here are some tips that you should do in searching for a job.

1. Dress properly.


  •  I saw someone who wore formal clothes during the interview and I thought that he was selling encyclopedias because of the way he looks but he got the job. Formal clothes makes people think that you're serious and gave him points during the application. So, wear good clothes that makes you look formal.
2. During the interview, speak clear and slow that the interviewer can understand.
  • Don't eat your words and remember, everything you say gives you points in getting that job you want.

3. Be confident and smile.

4. Don't brag too much.
  • If you don't like someone bragging then the interviewers also don't like it. Be humble and down to Earth. They like that.

5. Don't be tense or nervous.
  • No one's going to kill you during interviews. They only want to know what kind of person are you before they hire you.

6. Be alert and listen.
  • I know someone who didn't follow instructions so during assessment, he was given a note that his application can't be processed because of that.

7. Think first and fast.

8. Look into the interviewer's eyes.
  • Show them that you're not nervous and you really say what you mean.

9. Don't drag in situations you can't answer.
  • I have one instance that I can't answer a question that came from what I said so be careful in the things that you'll say.

10. Never. I really mean it! Never say uhm... or ah...
  • That irritates them that can bring to your downfall.

11. Assess self first.

12. Be positive.

13. Have faith in God.

That's all I have learned during the interviews. Hope it helps.

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Reply Ryan
9:41 PM on November 2, 2010 
Oh.. really? hahaha... I just hope that can help me...