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Peer Pressure

Posted by Haruka Flare Akizuki on April 1, 2011 at 11:42 PM


Have you ever been labelled as someone you think that youare not? It kind of pissed me off though. It’s irritating.


One time, my mom told me that I’m emo but I’m not! She oftencalls me emo especially when I’m angry because of the stuff she has been doing.I’m not emo but I have a point. Some of my classmates label other people as“kikay” or “rebel” but I wonder if that is necessary.


They think that if you’re labelled “kikay” then you areforever kikay and can never be other things that they really are. If a person’sfriends are all “kikay” and that person is not then that person is out of thegroup but before that happens, they turn “kikay” themselves. Itswhat-you-want-friends that dictates you and not you yourself.


By the way, Kikay is a Filipino term that means a girl/gayis very girlish and usually wear too much girlish accessories and loves pink.


Those people are posers. They never think of what the partthat they are comfortable with in themselves. They hide their true identity andcreate one that doesn’t really exist and wasn’t them in the first place.


I was never a victim of that so called “peer pressure.” Peerpressure is what you call a child who is being force by their friends to belike this and do things like that.


What happened to the “do what you want” quote? I noticedthat children today are really hooked up into this peer pressure that littlethey know that their friends are also having this peer pressure. They wanted tobe cool but they are not comfortable with it. They should have their own senseand belief. The children today should be more open-minded and be comfortablefor who they are and not what their friends tell them so.


They should realize that every person has a differentpersonality. So what if you are labelled a loser but you’re comfortable for whoyou are and not afraid to show others what you can do.


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