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Adjusting to A New Home

Posted by Haruka Flare Akizuki on January 10, 2012 at 7:05 PM

It has been 11 months since my family and I migrated to Canada. As a new comer, we experience a lot of hardships but thanks to my Aunt and her family, we were able to have a place to stay for awhile and learn things about this new found land. I also thanked her for introducing me to my job now.

I had a hard time adjusting to the people around here. Canadians are friendly that even if you were just standing waiting for a bus, they will talk to you like a friend... I guess "acquaintance" is the right term. But because of that, I learn to socialize with people without fearing that this person might take advantage of one's kindness. Still, you should be careful. No place is safe.

The weather is too cold in winter but since this is our second winter, I could say, I'm adjusting pretty well. I am still excited to see snow even if some people here doesn't like it. (Because it's too cold.)

And in a different country, you discover new abilities. Check out my Handmade Gallery.

Since I am also working, I can afford to buy the things I want but there are restrictions. Of course, I still need to give money to my parents since I'm living with them and we just moved to a new house in August so right now, we are paying the rent and also the house ammenities. Still, we know how to have fun with a few bucks.


Step by step, my family are upgrading. My sisters, my mom and I are studying in different colleges. But it's kinda funny since my mom is also my classmate in most of my subject. :lol: My brother already thought about what he is taking in college or university and I guess, it won't be long that we will be having the jobs we love than "survival" jobs we have today.

But not everything is all right. Level of thinking and relationships are tested. I guess in my father's part. He is too bossy and too boastful these past few months that everyone in the household can't stand him. He has been like that eversince I can remember but this negative personality has gone for the worse.:mad: If we tried to talk to him about it, he would accuse us of being disrespectful but seriously! If you want respect then act like a respectful person and not a teenager who would trash talk of everyone who had done a good act to our family!:mad:

Aside from that, I guess, everyone is working hard to get what they want and be successful.:D Little by little, we are making a step forward and hoping for a bright future.

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