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For my own journal, stories and others, in short, it's my one big blog site... (^w^)v

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Hi there... I made this site so I could put my stories, poems, journals, drawing or anything I would like to make... Hope you enjoy reading or looking at my creations... ^^


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  •  Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I updated this site. I'm sorry for that.
  • I just add



  •  Hello! Its been a long long time since I have updated and I'm sorry.
  • I added a new story called "Biffantte" Which I posted on I hope you liked it.
  • I have posted my page in in Links. If you want to comment or add me its fine.
  • See you soon. (Hopefully)




  •  Hello guys! Sorry for the late updates but I have already updated my story "Three For One" in both Wattpad and Mibba. I'm just in the middle of writing a new lyrics for my band in the story, Fragile. So please bear with me.
  • It's Christmas and soon it will be New Year. It was suppose to be the end of the world but as you can see, we are still alive. Horrah!
  • Merry Christmas to you guys!



  •  Hello guys! I just posted my new updates in my story "Three For One." I was thinking of a good title than that. Can you help me?
  • If you are a wattpad user please be my fan. I'll be your fan back. (^_^)v
  • If ever you read my stories, if it's ok, please post your reviews and comments so I can improve this skill. Thank you for your support.





  •  My exam is almost near so that means I can start adding new stories again soon. I didn't enroll this season so I have a lot of time to do fun stuffs. Horrah!
  • I'm excited at the same time anxious.
  • I posted a new blog about what I feel for my upcoming exam. I don't mind if you read it or not.




  •  It's been quite awhile, I'm still studying for my upcoming Major exam that can change my life. Once it's done, I'm back to updating. Hehe...
  • I found a cool site called where you can also put your stories and poems. I was thinking that that site has a lot of readers so I'm putting my story there but I will not leave I will post story updates in both sites for you guys but wattpad will be a little late.





  •  Sorry for my delays. I've been studying for my upcoming Major exam that can change my whole career life in September. I am a bit anxious about it.
  • Right now, I'm trying to do something about my site. Even if I don't know anything about html codes, I will try my best... (T^T)
  • I just found a sweet site where you can read good stories again. You could check it out yourself too. I will post it in my links.





  •  Hello! Happy Valentine's day everyone! I just posted a new blog.
  • I just recently found out that you can be a member of my site. I didn't know that since a new member came. Thank you very much!
  • If you want to be a member, sign in. Thank you and please sign in also my guest book.





  • Hi! It's been awhile but I just posted a new blog and added some pictures.
  • I'm sorry if the story is taking so long, I'm still finishing one story for my friend but I won't put it here until she read them all or at least, I gave them to her so please wait. It's almost done.
  • Please sign my guest book. Thank you. 




  •  New year, new design so I changed the layout of this site. I will also change the layout of the other sites too so check them out. I will add more chapters soon. Take care. Have a blast year for this year too.
  • I just noticed that the blog I posted didn't appear. I'm sorry for that. I will fix it soon.
  • I also added a new section called Videos. In this part, I will show you what videos I was making and check out my Youtube page. Sorry for I don't upload much. Thank you for understanding.
  • Please sign in my guest book. Thank you. 




  •  I just recently added a blog post and I will be fixing my site.




  •  Again, I forgot my password... Darn it! well... It's been awhile but I'm trying to find something to change the background of my site while I battle the writer's worst enemy: writer's block... I always have them since I'm working now and there's so much stress in my life... Anyway, I will tell you if I updated my stories... hehe... sorry again...



  •  Sorry for the late updates... I forgot my password again... hehe... okay... let's get started with some of important announcements.
  • I made little changes here... hehehe... you might not notice it... hehehe...
  • I updated both "Three for One" and "Playing Match" stories... Hope you liked it...
  • I also put a new blog... feel free to read them... that is all...


  •  It seems that I can't add another page anymore so I'll be putting links from our page just you can read my stories... Sorry for the inconvenience.. At least I remembered our password now... ^_^V


  •  Added a new chapter in Playing Match.



  •  Since I lost my notebook in Playing Match, I'll just put another story. Please read it too.
  • Added new Story


  • Added new chapter in the story
  • Sorry... I've been having a hard time with my Microsoft words... My stories are already finished but I'm just typing it now.


  •  Added a new chapter in the story
  • new poems!